Terms & Conditions

All medications will be dispatched in their unique makers' fixed packages.

You should have a legitimate prescription from a doctor authorized to utilize drugs purchasable from our organization. Please read our Prescription policy to abide by out regulations.

All of our products are genuine high-Quality Generics, but if you are not satisfied with them for any reason, we can exchange or issue a refund. We do not issue exchanges or refunds without first receiving the product back if damaged or incorrect. For Cancellation of orders, please read our Cancellation Policy.

By putting in a request or placing an order, (hereinafter the "Patient/Purchaser") affirms that:

The drugs are being bought for proper usage.

The medication is lawfully acceptable in their local vicinity.

A properly qualified medical expert, in the place of living arrangement of the Patient, recommended the pharmaceutical(s) requested by the Patient ("the Requested Item"). The Patient has not disregarded any laws in acquiring the remedy and that the Requested Item won't be utilized by whatever other individual and in no way aside from as recommended by the first endorsing doctor ("The Patient's Doctor").