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  • Generic Viagra might be a name that you might have heard. I too had heard about the medicine, but did not know much about it. After that I went on to do some research about it on my own, and found that it was quite a useful drug. Post that, I confirmed with my doctor regarding the suitability of the drug for my anatomy, and also found out about the necessary precautions to take in order to avoid any kind of side effects. Practicing those measures, I found that generic Viagra worked out very well for me. Gary Smith (United Kingdom)
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  • Generic Viagra is one of the best you might find for the purpose of treating ED in you. This, of course, is a subjective thing and depends from person to person. But the med worked out very fine and well in my case. Yes, I did consult the doctor before I could go ahead and take the drug. I was able to understand the possible side effects and take the necessary precautions that needed to be followed. This ensured that the drug worked well for me without causing any problems of any kind. Generic Viagra was thus able to increase my state of arousal in the system. Ralph Meg (UAE)
  • Generic Viagra is a drug that helps those who are not able to feel arousal on account of ED. I to had that problem and then took generic Viagra after having gone to the doctor for advice. There were many different doses available, so I did not know which one would be ideal and best for me. But, after having been prescribed the same, I made it a practice to follow that dose. The results showed very effectively. I no longer felt deprived on account of ED. Generic Viagra seems to be an efficient med since then, to me. Allen Border (Australia)
  • Generic Viagra is a med that I used some time back in order to experience arousal. Earlier, I had a problem in that aspect on account of my condition. But, since my doctor told me to take generic Viagra, I have not been feeling the downside of the condition. I have even suggested the med to some of my friends with the same or similar problems, although I always maintain that it is very necessary to consult the doctor first. The working of the med is pretty much on par and effective as well, at the same time. Joseph Andre (Canada)